The art of keeping your head down and your spirits up!

Susan Scurlock, Education Patron for the CEA and as CEO and founder of Primary Engineer, shares her insight into what she’s been doing at this all-round challenging time.

Personally, I have always focused my energy on the things I think I can do or change and leave all the other ‘stuff’ to others better suited to it than me. To that end, when COVID-19 arrived in one door and the staff left through the other we postponed events, celebrations, grading days and exhibitions to future points in time as yet unknown. We collectively put our heads down and started working on what we could do instead; producing and enhancing our online resources, building home learning packs, refining our processes and procedures, spring cleaning websites and launching a new programme.

On March the 18th we were preparing to launch our brand-new data project STATWARS®: Climate Change Challenge, in Glasgow. Needless to say, that didn’t happen, and we all stayed at home. As of June, however the STATWARS® home learning resources will be complete and if you haven’t come across this programme before let me share with you the grand idea. Data and our carbon footprint sit across all aspects of industry, society, and education. STATWARS® has been designed to give an experience for pupils of using data to make informed decisions.

The aim is to use data to identify three things young people can personally commit to change in their daily life to have a positive impact on our environment and the climate. So, raise your spirits, don the mantel of a STATWARRIOR® and help us change the things we can!

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