Plantworx’s East of England Events Centre Home Hosts First Public Exhibition During COVID-19

The East of England Arena and Events Centre hosted what is believed to be the UK’s first live event to be fully monitored and approved by Public Health England (PHE) and the Environmental Health Agency, when Warners launched the 2020 Outdoor Motorhome Camper Show at the venue on 31 July.

Construction Worx Lite readers who visited Plantworx last year will appreciate just how big the East of England Events Centre is. A perfect location to run a test event during the pandemic. Venue director, Jason Lunn, takes up the story, “PHE were working with us right up until the night before the event, at which point they still could have stopped the show if they were not satisfied. There were many adjustments to make this a COVID safe show, one of which was that the ‘wild camping’ for the motorhomes on site had to be self-contained with no shower blocks open and toilets only open during visiting hours. This was just one of many compromises and changes that were worked on by the venue team and Warners in order to satisfy the requirements of PHE.”

Sally Dodds, head of events at Warner Publications Group said “the showground and Public Health England worked closely with Warner’s Event Management Plan, risk assessment, with COVID 19 site safety rules in place and daily inspections to pass the event went ahead and I thank all involved for their guidance and support. We did it! A COVID 19 safe site is do-able. And many visitors commented how safe they did feel,”

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