MTC works on new CR&D projects

The UK construction sector has a tradition of demonstrating world-class expertise in architecture, design and engineering. The MTC (Manufacturing Technology Centre), based in Coventry, has supported the construction sector for the last five years through the development of sustainable and manufacturing solutions. The organisation’s extensive experience of developing and using transformational systems and tools has been proven in core manufacturing applications in a variety of other sectors. This has enabled MTC to adapt them for use in the construction sector, creating solutions with innovative approaches and state-of-the-art technologies.

Chris Brown head of industrial liaison at MTC said, “We’re thrilled to have been announced as a recipient of grant funding on the latest round of UKRI CR&D funding. The five diverse projects are working with a range of consortium members that further allow the MTC to support the construction sector to innovate, building confidence in new ways of thinking and working to enable appropriate implementation and exploitation. As members of the Construction Innovation Hub we are also uniquely positioned to align our work to this flagship programme and maximise the impact of innovation in the sector.”

Chris added, “Our projects all have unique challenges to support the push to a net zero carbon world, they range from; digital machine learning advancement, standardisation of modular design, supply chain readiness, and strategic collaboration to achieve innovation in infrastructure.”

MTC’s winning demonstrator projects:
Seismic II – Building on achievements of SEISMIC I, this project will develop repeatable components for a platform frame which will deliver a world leading low carbon solution for mass production of government and commercial built assets.

AACE (AI-enabled Automated Cost and carbon Estimating) – This project aims to use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to better align building information models (BIM) with accurate carbon and cost metrics from the outset of design. This ability will deliver better project carbon outcomes and support the shift to a net zero carbon building solutions.

Transport Infrastructure Efficiency Living Labs – This project brings together key UK Transport Client groups, Suppliers and academic experts to establish a Transport Infrastructure Efficiency ‘Living Lab’ to build capability within delivery, innovation and managing construction risk.

MTC’s Research and Development projects:
Ci-iT (Change impact intelligence tool) – In conjunction with other consortia partners MTC are working to create the first AI-enabled digital platform for data-driven change impact intelligence and management.

IGNITE (Integrated Intelligent Digital Tendering System) – This project will create digital tools to develop an end to end digital platform which integrates design outputs, on and offsite programme activities, and supply chain readiness.

To find out more about MTC and see if they can support your project in the next round of UKRI funding contact Chris Brown, Industrial Liaison (