Industry lobby nears success on Stage V engine regulations

The European Commission has accepted manufacturers’ demands to extend the deadline for fitting pre-Stage V engines due to the disruption caused by the covid-19 pandemic. Final agreement from the EU institutions awaited.

Back in March there were the first signs of supply chain disruption caused by covid-19, initially involving Chinese suppliers. As things deteriorated it became clear that many plant manufacturers could not meet the 30th June deadline set by the EU for the fitting of their stock of transition (or pre-Stage V) engines for certain power ranges, as permitted in the regulations governing Non-road Mobile Machinery (NRMM). The rules not only required the machines to be fully assembled by that date but also to meet the requirement that they should all be placed on the market by the end of 2020.

The potential economic and environmental damage became clear – and the danger was that there would be a stock of unusable engines, with their associated fittings, at the end June, which would have to be scrapped. With manufacturers’ factories on full or partial shutdown in the run up to the deadline their hands have been tied. The CEA briefed the Committee for European Construction Equipment (CECE) on this multi-million pound urgent problem. CECE linked up with a number of other European trade associations (covering agricultural plant, garden machinery, lifting equipment etc.) to form a concerted lobby of the European Commission, national governments and the European Parliament. The result has been the publication of an official amendment by the Commission to the transitional provisions covering NRMM (issued 2nd June). This would push the timelines out by 12 months – calculated to be enough time for OEMs to both build and sell the equipment with transition engines. At time of writing this is the process of going forward to the European Parliament and Council for ratification. There are further regulations covering other engine power ranges with existing deadlines in 2021. At the moment the timetable for these remains unaltered. For further details, contact the CEA office.