Chris Matthew, Strategic Manager, Flannery Plant Hire Podcast

The launch edition of a brand new ‘Podcast With Leadership’ series sees Chris Matthew, strategic manager for Flannery Plant Hire talk to journalist, Peter Haddock, about what Flannery is doing to support the industry.

Chris talks about a whole range of topics from skills to technology, fuel to the environment, HS2 (High Speed Two), Highways England, and what the industry needs to do to move forward.

In this edition, Chris also explains how Flannery is focusing on all elements of earthworks, in particular, fuel management to reduce the environmental impact of earthworks on a whole range of projects. He also shares valuable insights into how the industry needs to focus on collaboration and the important role that major earthworks specialists like Flannery can play in delivering a more sustainable future.

Sponsored by Leica Geosystems part of Hexagon the connected site, surveying and machine control equipment specialist.

Listen to the full podcast here