CEA External Affairs – Speaking Truth to Power

If you have ever wondered what the CEA does to influence public policy and ensure our members get the latest official information, the CEA’s Joanna Oliver MBE, provides a handy guide.

For almost 80 years the CEA (and its predecessor organisations) has been working hard to ensure that the £13.5 billion UK Construction Equipment sector has a clear voice representing it to Government, the EU, global institutions and external bodies. The flow charts in this article show just some of our official touch points.

The CEA are consulted regularly on topical issues and feed our sector’s view into Ministerial Briefings. Below is a check list of subjects we tackled in 2020.

  • COVID-19 – various BEIS and external working groups.
  • Requesting the Chancellor honour his Project Speed investment on:
    • a) Retaining/increasing Jobs.
    • b) Environmental Benefits towards Net Zero.
    • c) Digital Productivity Boost.
    • d) Levelling Up (regional growth).
  • Lobbied the Chancellor to honour his spending pledges to the “Build Back Better infrastructure” stimulus programme.
  • Proposed an incentive scheme to encourage faster investment in greener, low emission, plant.
  • Lobbied for increased R&D and capital investment incentives to aid manufacturers in updating their IT and production facilities – to embrace new technologies.
  • Input to changes to the red diesel tax benefit (Treasury).
  • Consulted on UK/EU Free Trade Agreement (BEIS).
  • Consulted on UK/US Free Trade Agreement (BEIS).
  • Expert Trade Advisory Group (ETAG) for Free Trade Agreement negotiations.
  • Boeing/Airbus tariffs.
  • COVID-19 – various working groups.
  • TAP consultation (trade support) etc.

We will continue to fight our corner and ensure that the voice of UK Construction Equipment is heard loud and clear by the people who matter. For further information contact Joanna Oliver MBE, Director of Global Programmes, at the CEA offices.


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